How to strengthen the promotion and application of bamboo fiber tableware?

How to strengthen the promotion and application of bamboo fiber tableware?

In particular, at present, China's enterprises have become the world's first bamboo fiber tableware production and consumption countries, many market participants, but the development of the entire bamboo knife fiber tableware industry has not yet formed a unified national safety standards and industry technical standards, and the lack of related products and services quality traceability system.

It is understood that, at this stage, the domestic research consumers of bamboo fiber tableware cognitive development is low, poor acceptance, the overall economic market information consumption demand potential is far from being fully released. Therefore, it is particularly important to strengthen the promotion of bamboo fiber tableware technology application.

First, government departments should establish and improve the bamboo fiber tableware product quality supervision system as soon as possible, strengthen product quality and safety management, guide and regulate industry enterprises to produce medium and high-end safety and environmental protection products, and strictly limit the high resource consumption, product quality standards, processing enterprises quality standards into the market. Because quality and hygiene is the basis of bamboo fiber tableware long-term active market.

Secondly, bamboo fiber tableware and other daily necessities industry has begun to emerge and become popular in recent years, is relying on R&D, relying on design and technology to continuously improve product performance and quality to meet the modern consumer environmental protection concept of the emerging industry. Therefore, bamboo products enterprises should increase investment in research and development, and constantly launch new bamboo fiber tableware products to meet consumer demand.

Third, due to the low brand recognition of bamboo fiber tableware products, bamboo products enterprise development should be able to create students independent learning brand, to create their own unique brand product image, through a branding guide to the Chinese consumer mind. Such as creating a regional brand of bamboo fiber tableware.

Fourth, "the wine is also afraid of the alley deep", must be media publicity!

In the future, the tableware industry will continue to "quality", "environmental protection", "health" and other directions, but also will pay more attention to the design of tableware daily necessities, materials, quality, and has a low-carbon environmental protection, safety and health, biodegradable and other characteristics of bamboo fiber tableware will enter the tableware consumer field, to improve the market share at home and abroad.

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